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30 days Hunter x Hunter challenge

Day 7: Favorite villain/group of villains ➝ Genei Ryodan

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Magi dump part 1. Jafar in the omake chapter of SinBou was super cute!!!! I hope Drakon joins soon ;w;


“If the king doesn’t move, then his subjects won’t follow.”  - Lelouch Lamperouge 

happy late birthday to my friend, lydia! ╮(─▽─)╭

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Get to know me: male characters [3/5] Killua Zoldyck


ways to make your sex positive posts stop erasing asexuals:

  • stop insisting everyone has and/or needs sex
  • come from the mentality that people who want sex can and should be having it if they want but not everyone does want sex
  • remember sex isn’t for everyone
  • stop saying that sex is the best thing anyone could ever hope to have in this world
  • basically just stop insisting that everyone should be having sex that would be swell thanks



in which i find out i am the least convincing person in the world but i sure as heck love lucy heartfilia


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