"I had a sickening dream, a dream where you were dead. But you’re saying that this was real and this right here, where we’re fighting side by side, this is a dream, Sayaka?

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Ibuki Mioda - Super High School Level Light Music Club Member
"'Ibu' from Ibuki Mioda! 'Ki' from Ibuki Mioda! 'Mio' from Ibuki Mioda! 'Da' from Ibuki Mioda! That’s me - Ibuki Mioda!"

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what i got from mogeko castle 

"I try to hear, lend my ear,
Voices inside,
One link to join it all again.”

- Out of Control // Psycho-Pass ED2

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さっく | まどか

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You can smile again ~ ♪

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Favorite Characters: 

Kano Shūya - "Ah, my most ugly heart. I hate, hate, hate it, so I can’t help but sneer all the time."